Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mommy/ CJ Day!!!

Sooooo, I woke up yesterday morning and my mother informed me that CJ had Apple Camp. She signed him up months ago and I had totally forgot. It was so cool! Here is a description of the camp:
          Apple Camp for Kids
At Apple Camp, kids ages 8–12 will learn the ins and outs of iMovie and how to make their own films. The free three-day session, held at the Apple Store, leads up to an Apple Camp Film Festival where campers debut their masterpieces.

Yesterday was the first day and they drew a storyboard, made their own theme music using Garage Band, and their homework was to film their movie.  Here are a few pics from the class....

I was so proud of CJ.  He tends to be painfully shy, but he jumped right in on creating his storyboard.  He changed it quite a few times, but it felt so good to see him using his imagination.

After camp was over, we went to lunch at Saul Good's restaurant and instead of crayons with the kids meal menu, they gave us these little wikki-stix. We asked for an extra pack, and decided he would use them in his movie. We talked about what he wanted to do for the upcoming "school year" (since we are unschoolers, we don't do "school" nor do we have "breaks").  It was a lot of fun. 

The next stop was Disc Replay. There is a wrestling video game he got about a year ago, but didn't get to play because it kept messing up. I took it to Disc Replay and for $1, they cleaned it. I offered to buy him an additional game since I only spent a dollar on him, but he refused. He said he just wanted his game and he wanted me to save my money because I might need it later.  :)

I love my baby boy!!!

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