Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Another Sunday

My eldest son, Mario, is unofficially dating (she can't have a boyfriend until she's 16) a girl whose grandfather is the pastor of a church.  He asked me last night if I would take him to church, so Crystal and I decided to attend the service too.  It was a good word.  He spoke on living your truth.  After church, Mario's friend left with us as we headed back to the Half-Price Book store with more 50% off coupons.  We also ate at Chipotle. When we got home, Crystal made perfume with the kit I bought her today at HPB. I thought the perfume was rather stinky, but she seemed to like it.  The rest of my day I will watch the Olympics and sleep.  Mario is reading the RL Stine book he bought, RJ is staying overnight at a friend's house, and the younger two are spending time with my mother (who lives with me).  I am in my room, alone, and happy :)

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