Saturday, August 20, 2016

Crystal's Potato Soup

Yesterday, Crystal told me she wanted to make Potato Soup. I've never made it before, and she didn't have a recipe. She saw there were lots of vegetables in the refrigerator and she didn't want them to go to waste. So, I pulled myself out of the funk I'm in (that's another post) and we got to work in the kitchen. She ended up cutting a red hot pepper and 6 potatoes. While that simmered, she cooked bacon in the oven. When the bacon was done, she added it, including the grease, into the pot. I also added garlic salt and another seasoning. We also added a can of tomatoes with chiles and garlic. She didn't know, but I also added a little bit of milk and some Parmesan cheese.

Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!!!! It was so good that only 3 of us ate it. I'll admit, I had 2 bowls! I asked her to make more, but she still hasn't done it yet.

(I took a picture right before I got my 2nd helping!)

I'm so proud of my girl. She learned how to cook a little later than the boys did, but for being 10 years old, she's still quite amazing. Her specialty seems to be creating dishes I haven't ever thought about cooking. I'll have to start posting more of her dishes. I usually don't get to taste them, because she seems to only make enough for herself. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Brighter Day

It's not easy having to share small space with so many people. The other night I was feeling overwhelmed, so I called one of my favorite cousins who is very "earthly" like I am. She told me to walk barefoot outside and connect to the earth. She told me to talk to my ancestors and ask for guidance. She told me to let the Universe know what I need. Those are all things I know to do, but somehow in the midst of my turmoil, I never even considered those things.

Since that conversation, I have been cooking delicious food like I used to. I've always loved cooking, but rarely do it when I'm not happy. I've been looking into ways to make money from "home" and also planning to have a garage sale this weekend.

I did have a mini breakdown as I was driving RJ to the next state over to hand him over to a coach for a basketball tournament today. He's my toughest kid to deal with. On one hand, he's so entertaining to have around, but on the other hand, our personalities clash frequently. I truly was upset with him. He was driving and I was sitting next to him fuming. Trying to keep myself from unleashing the fury I felt because I feel he's so selfish. He's 18, yes, but I had had enough. He broke the ice and unleashed an avalanche. I cried. I just don't know how to get to him. But his smile. I love him so much. I feel for him and I never want to hurt him.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Looking For New Adventures

I'm not quite sure why I don't keep up with this blog. Maybe it's because after living 2 years in a beautiful 2400 sq ft home in sunny Sugar Land, Texas, we've basically been homeless. Not "on the street" homeless thanks to loving family and friends, but still without our own home. For the last year, we've lived in Ohio, back to Texas, and currently in Kentucky. Needless to say, I have to come up with a better plan and I think I have.

As a single mother who has really dropped the ball by allowing her family to become without a permanent residence, something I once read came back to mind that could possibly be a viable solution. HOUSE SITTING. I remember reading a post in a Facebook group for single mothers that homeschool where there was a discussion about being able to Worldschool (homeschooling while traveling the world). Many moms were discussing how they wish they could, but their money was limited. This one mother shared that she is able to travel the world with her young son because they house sit. She named the different countries that they have been to. I remember thinking how cool that was, but at that time, I was renting that beautiful house in Sugar Land.

But, now that we've had plenty of practice of abiding by other people's rules, I think we might as well get some traveling in. There are some pretty neat houses that we can visit.  I started researching and found quite a bit of helpful information from this website. ( I decided to try because it has the lowest member fee of $20 per year. There weren't as many opportunities as I saw on some of the other sites, but I had to start somewhere. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to Busy!

Tuesday was the first "normal" day we have had since November.  It started with a trip to the ice skating rink at 10:45 a.m. Initially, I was only going to take CJ and his friend since Crystal has been hanging out so much with her best friend, but I just couldn't imagine leaving her home while we went somewhere she COULD go. Plus, she had such a wonderful response when I told her she wasn't going to go. I told her I was taking CJ since he had not had much fun outside of the house in a few months and she just said, "Ok." No whining, complaining, or any show of disappointment, just understanding. we were about to walk out the door, I told her to change into pants and she could come with us. Good thing I did, because she skated much more than the boys did. She wants to go back. CJ on the other hand, is in no rush to ice skate again. I'm glad because he said he wanted an ice skating party and it starts at $170!

After an hour and a half of ice skating, and after Crystal's 3rd fall, we decided to leave. We headed to the grocery store to get something to fix for lunch. Next stop, an ice cream social with one of the unschooling groups I found on Facebook.

It was fun, but it was pretty much all very young children. Crystal met a girl her age, but no luck for CJ. He hung out with me most of the time. The ice cream sundaes were delicious. After the ice cream social, we went to a friend's house and then to end the night, CJ had basketball practice from 8-9 p.m. What a long and eventful day :)

This was pretty much the expression he had on his face the whole time! LOL!


She was in HEAVEN!                                                                                                                   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Great Start

We had a lot of fun bringing in the new year. Normally, I am sleep and my children wake me 5 minutes before midnight, but this year was different. My mother bought party food and made way more than the 4 of us could eat!

Mario had a party at his apartment in Kentucky. RJ was in Missouri with his basketball team. That left me, my mom, and the younger 2 at home. My mother, Crystal, and I watched movies. First we watched The Equalizer with Denzel Washington, and then we watched Maleficent. Both were good movies, although the Denzel movie had way too much violence for me. I spent most of that movie playing Scrabble on my phone. LOL!

RJ came home the next day and by Friday, we were back to the extensive basketball schedule. He had a game on Friday and on Saturday. Sunday, today, we accomplished a lot. I started off by cleaning my room, but got sidetracked and actually spent the entire day helping the 3 children deep clean and rearrange their bedrooms. Khiry cooked dinner both Saturday and Sunday night. He made Texas chili (with barbecue sauce) and he cooked spaghetti tonight. I'm soooo glad he loves to cook and he is sooooo good at it! (I told him if basketball doesn't work out, he definitely should pursue a culinary career.)

Also, RJ has been going through growing pains (he will be 17 next month!) so we had a long talk about his commitment level to this basketball life. I also explained to him that my dreams come second to my children, because in my opinion, they are starting with clean slates. I've had to let some of my dreams go, and some of the ones I plan to pursue, I'm at a deficit because I will always have to make sure children living at home are ok. I think it was a good talk. I love the relationship I have with my children, even when they drive me insane. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The End of Another Year....2014!

Many times a week I think of this blog. Mentally I write posts every time, never taking the time to actually write or post the photos I wish to post. So much has happened since the last time I posted, too.

Mario is still in living in another state, waiting for his lease to expire so he can move back to Texas. He has come to realize that the opportunities are better in Houston than they are in Kentucky. He is working, making just a bit above minimum wage, and he's decided that isn't the quality of life he wants to live. EXHALE... Hopefully, he will find his niche soon.

RJ was accepted into private school and he is loving his new atmosphere. He received an athletic scholarship for basketball, but he isn't performing at the level they thought he would. He's almost 17 and he's going through many changes. He's learning life is not always about having fun.

The youngest two started the school year in public school. I took Crystal out after the first week and CJ out the 2nd week. Homeschooling is for us. I just need to focus more on making it work better. We went on tons of educational trips in September and October, and a few in November. Right now I am focusing more on helping them set goals for the next 3 months.

As for me, I am also in school. I am working on my Associate Degree in Accounting. Also, I am having a really hard time preparing for turning the big 4-0 in March. It has nothing to do with aging. I celebrate each day I live. It is more about feeling like my life doesn't look like I thought it would look by the time I reached this age. It has me grumpy, frustrated, and frozen in time. I keep dissecting my life to see how I got where I am and trying to figure where it is I want to be. I have decided to remove as many distractions as I can from my life, starting with Facebook. I will see how long it will last, but I plan to quit Facebook for one year. I am still trying to figure out how I will find out about field trips, but I'm sure I will find a way. Either that or I will have to work on my self-control.

Once again, my plan is to devote more time to this blog. It calls my name. It's time for me to start writing again. Maybe it will ease some of this stress I feel.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Way Things Should Be.... (The Lost Blog)

I know, I know, I know! I change my mind like I change the air filter, but I am still learning about myself and how to be the best woman and mother that I can be. Against my better judgement, I sent both of my youngest children to public school. I tried so hard to ration with myself that this was a excellent school district and they would be fine, but that was not the case.

Crystal came back home first. She lasted one week. She didn't like it. She liked being around other children, but didn't appreciate that she wasn't really allowed to play with them much. My major issue was with the front desk workers. One day I called the school to let Crystal know I was not going to make it home in time and that she needed to go home with the neighbors. I called the school and left a message to have her call me. MY PHONE DIED! I rushed to my car to plug it in and I had already missed her call. I called the school back and the receptionist had a bad attitude and informed me that Crystal tried to call me twice. I told her that I understood that, but my phone died and she needs to call me again. She had the nerve to say, "Well, I can TRY to get her to call you..." and I interrupted her and told her she WILL.

Long story short, I brought both children home and now I have peace again!