Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Year, Another Post!

It has been over a year since I last posted.  I just read the last post, so I will pick up from there...

In the last post, I mentioned we were taking a trip to Houston, Texas.  That trip was a life-changer for us.  We now live just southwest of Houston in Sugar Land. We fell in love with Sugar Land and Houston during our visit in February of 2012.  We made our big move in July of 2013.  Oh, what a wonderful testimony I have about the whole process.  Everything happened so smoothly that there was no doubt we were meant to make the move.

Mario will be celebrating his 19th birthday in exactly 3 weeks. He is currently working at Lowe's although he is will be quitting soon. My son is headed to Bowling Green, Kentucky to share an apartment with my nephew, who just finished his freshman year in college.  I am excited for both of them. A blog specific to Mario's journey and his feelings about his education path will be written soon.

RJ is now 16 and completing his fourth year in public school.  He loves the high school he attends in Sugar Land.  He is now 6'8" and he lost 40 lbs of baby fat. We are quickly learning how ruthless the basketball culture is here. He is in the process of getting his learner's permit.

Here is another BIG CHANGE...

As of April 4th of this year, I enrolled CJ and Crystal in the public elementary school.  It was a hard decision to make, and even though they will be homeschooling again next school year, I am glad things happened the way they did.  We were homeschooling and even found a local group, but they children didn't know many neighborhood children.  They both wanted to go to school and I was struggling financially and emotionally so a friend coaxed me into enrolling my children in school with only 6 weeks of school left.  It was hard on them academically, but socially, they love it!  They got a chance to meet children in the neighborhood and now they have friends to ride their bikes with.  They both are excited about homeschooling again though.  I have raised free thinkers so traditional school just doesn't fit them at this point in their lives.

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